Choosing Top Rated Solar Panel Installers In The UK

The ability to install solar panels that can actually produce enough energy for single-family homes has become a reality for most people today. Of course, the cost of installing solar panels is still not within the reach of many, but installation costs have dropped significantly in the last 10 years. Typical installations are between £10,000 and £30,000 depending upon the size of your home. Most people will get a second mortgage or a loan from a bank in order to cover this cost for the next 10 years. After that, the electricity that is produced by the solar panels will be literal free energy. Here is how you can find top rated solar panel installers in the UK that will be able to not only do this for you, but perhaps save you thousands of dollars on the installation fees.

Understanding How Solar Cells Work

The same material that is used in the creation of computers, silicon, is also used to create solar cells. When sunlight strikes the solar cells in the solar panels, it can create DC current. This is then converted by what is called an inverter, into AC electricity. This is what homes around the world utilize in order to power the electronic devices that we use.

solar-energy45FGRECost Breakdown For Solar Panel Installs

When you do your install, there are three important components to consider. First is the installation cost, the second is the inverter, and the third are the solar panels. On a typical £10,000 install, roughly £3500 goes to each portion of the total job.

Finding Low-Cost Or Free Solar Panel Installs

You can find discounts by searching through the many different websites that are available that offer solar panel installations. If you go through certain companies, such as your electricity provider, they sometimes work deals with certain companies where you can have the installation either done for a very low cost, or even done for free. The reason that this is possible is that electric companies need to have some customers able to use lesser amounts of electricity during peak seasons, plus sell electricity to them, if they produce too much, so that they have backup supplies. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved, and once everything is paid for, your electricity will be created for free.

Finding The Best Installation Companies In The UK

Some of the best installation companies actually advertise on the Internet, many of which offer their services for free. They have contracts with the utility companies as mentioned before, making it possible for you to get solar panel installations at no cost. There may be some cost associated with the solar panels and the inverter, as well as the circuit breaker that most controlled the electricity that is distributed into your household. Other than that, you are saving a considerable amount of money by utilizing companies that provide this service for free.

The age of solar energy is coming, a time where every household will have solar panels that will generate energy for free courtesy of the sun. Of course, solar panels may go out from time to time, which is a cost you will incur, but this will not be for a couple decades or more, making this a very economical way to generate electricity. Find out more about solar panel installers in the UK on the web today.